About Kim

Kim Doherty | The Well Within | Kim Doherty

Kim Doherty is an art therapist and advocate of the arts. With a background in Visual art BA Design Visual Communication, art teaching and youth arts. Kim’s practice is grounded within the arts. She works in a range of contexts including private practice with children and adults.

Kim has worked in a number of mental health settings, including acute psychiatric care and community mental health. Kim is comfortable working both one-to-one and in groups and will tailor each session to the client’s needs. Clients can also choose to conduct their session in person or over Zoom.

  • Kim supports the client to reach for their creative strength and believes in unconditional positive regard.
  • Kim uses the arts as a powerful tool in the healing journey and as a means to access your unlimited self.
  • Kim’s practice is informed by her significant experience in the person-centred approach, alongside project management, youth arts, therapeutic art and arts in the field of health.