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My Name is Kim Doherty and I am your local art psychotherapist or art therapist. 

I wear many hats. I am an art therapist, an advocate of the arts in general but as your art therapist specifically, I am building a relationship with you ( the client) through our presence together in the space and through the use of art materials. Art therapists are accredited through IACAT (Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapists) and art therapy is an allied mental health profession.

More recently our “therapeutic space” has moved online, there are some challenges to this type of engagement but generally the ability to reach someone and work creatively with them in their home is very rewarding

I work with children and adults on a variety of issues. Invest in yourself and get to know yourself through art therapy, support your well being or work on a specific issue, Art therapy can promote confidence and support well being. Issues you might like to deal with include bereavement and loss, depression, stress, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders and relationship difficulties. Beginning art therapy is the start of an enriching journey towards getting to know yourself, gaining awareness in your relationships, insights into your environment and living a deeper life.

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Empathy | The Well Within | Kim Doherty

“Art can permeate the very deepest part of us, where no words exist.”

― Eileen Miller, The Girl Who Spoke with Pictures: Autism Through Art